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Thanks for using the Subaru forum. We take your privacy seriously, so we have made this information available to explain what information we collect and how we process personal data.

What information do we collect?

When you register on the Subaru forum, we collect information such as your name and email address. If you decide to consult the site as a visitor without registering, we do not collect this information.

When you post content on the forum, we store the IP address from which the request for publication originates.
The records of our server may also include for a limited period of time your IP address associated with the requests you made by browsing the forum.

What do we use your data for?

We use your data only and exclusively for the provision of the service.

Do we share data with third parties?

No, we never share or share your data with anyone in any way.

Consent and modification of data

If you register on this forum, you accept the privacy conditions contained in this page.

You can request the modification or cancellation of your personal data from our systems at any time by writing to the email address [email protected].

Use of cookies

Cookies are small portions of text stored by the browser when a website is visited by a user. The information contained in the cookie can be read by the website on the next visit.

Technical cookies

Technical cookies do not contain personal information but are useful for the functioning of the site. We use a technical cookie to store consent to the use of third-party cookies.

Third-party cookies

Third-party cookies are installed by external services that the site uses.

To collect anonymous visitor statistics, this site uses third-party cookies, generated by the Google Analytics software. This type of cookie is similar to the technical cookie and therefore does not require the user’s consent.

The list of cookies installed by Google Analytics can be consulted on this page , while the relative privacy rules are available here.

You can decide to disable the installation of Google Analytics cookies by following these instructions .

Furthermore, to show advertising in line with your preferences based on your previous visits to this or other websites, this site uses third-party profiling cookies, generated by the Google Adsense service. By closing the banner on the forum pages, you consent to the use of this type of cookie.

You can find more information on the possibility to withdraw consent for the personalization of advertisements through this page .

You can also control the installation of cookies through your browser settings ( Google Chrome , Mozilla Firefox , Apple Safari , Microsoft Edge ).

Changes to the information

Any changes to the information will be published on this page.

Last updated: 07/19/2020

This document is in the public domain.