A Strong Mother Wins a $35K Subaru by Standing for 75 Hours

What would you do to get a free car? Not just a cheap one, but a premium brand new Subaru XV 2.0i-S Eyesight worths plus $35,000? Apparently the Singaporean mother Analiza Mokhtar and its competitors competing Subaru Palm Challenge, it means standing up for hours.

Subaru Challenge
Analiza Mokhtar during the Subaru Challenge. credit: Mediacorp

Analiza is no stranger to the famous endurance competition. In fact, many people consider her as a veteran who has been competing for more than 12 years. Fortunately, she was finally able to bring the beautiful Subaru XV home this year.

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The Subaru Palm Challenge is an annual contest organized by the Japanese automaker ‘Subaru’. The challenge rules are simple: anyone who has the hand on the vehicle the longest period wins a new Subaru car.
Subaru Challenge
Analiza Mokhtar during the Subaru Challenge credit: Mediacorp

Although some people think that the challenge is not mental, it is actually one of the biggest mental and physical tests because it requires the endurance and perseverance of a champion. For Analiza, it took her 75 hours, 17 minutes and 58 seconds to win the championship title.

Subaru Challenge
Analiza Mokhtar during the Subaru Challenge credit: Mediacorp
Analiza has shown her determination to win even in the past. In fact, she has already figured as a finalist in Gaishanker’s record time record of 82 hours, 16 minutes and 58 seconds in 2014. The finalist this year was the Thai Phraitoon Sanguannam with 75 hours and 17 minutes.
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