Subaru STI S209 High-performance model

Subaru Technica International (STI), Subaru’s motorsports control company, announced on January 15, 2019, at the North American International Auto Show (Detroit Motor Show, Duration: January 14 – 27, 2019) High-performance model “Subaru STI S209” was released to the world for the first time.

subaru sti s209
Subaru STI s209

This time S209 is based on “Subaru WRX STI” STI developed a dedicated engine and foot around, complete car added interior and exterior equipment as well. It is said that STI improves performance considerably with respect to the base model in order to realize “ideal” speed which can be manipulated by the driver.

As the STI tuned model for the United States, it is the third volume next to “WRX STI type RA” and “BRZ tS” released in 2018. It is the first time for STI Complete Car’s highest peak “S series”.

Subaru STI S209 Rear
Subaru STI S209 Rear

Based on the 2.5 liters “EJ 25” unit dedicated to WRX STI (US model car), the Boxer engine carried out exclusive tuning so that you can step on the accelerator pleasantly in every situation with peace of mind. By adopting highly efficient air intake system, exclusively developed large diameter turbocharger, exclusively designed low back pressure muffler with large caliber tailpipe, dedicated ECU, etc…

The highest output of the successive STI model top is 341 hp (development target Value). In addition, by installing an intercooler water spray, reliability as a mass production engine was ensured by a forged piston and a forged connecting rod of exclusively design while suppressing performance deterioration due to heat.

Subaru STI S209 Rims
Subaru STI S209 Rims

Around the foot, BBS made 19 inch forged wheels made of Dunlop 265 / 35R 19 high grip tire with the largest width in successive STI models, Bilstein damper exclusively developed, special coil spring, reinforced bush is adopted.

Furthermore, in addition to STI’s own flexible parts such as strut tower bar and draw stiffener, carbon roof which is lightweight and enhances car body rigidity is adopted. In addition, the exclusive wide body with over fender is fitted with aero parts that enhance downforces such as front under spoiler, front bumper side canard, and dry carbon large rear wing.

Subaru STI S209 Front
Subaru STI S209 Front

S209 will be released in the United States within 2019. Body color is WR Blue Pearl (Wheel color: Matt Gray), Crystal White · Pearl (same: Matte gold) are available in two colors.

Subaru STI S209 Specs:

STI S209 Mechanism


  • STI made Bilstein Front strut (inverted type) & coil spring
  • Bilstein Rear Damper & Coil Spring made by STI
  • STI made BBS 19 inch × 9.0 J forged aluminum wheel
  • Dunlop 265 / 35R19 tire
  • Brembo front and rear ventilated disc brake (front: opposite 6 pots, back: opposed 2 pots, silver paint, STI logo, STI performance pad)
  • STI Flexible Tower Bar Front
  • S209 STI Flexible Draw Stiffener (Front / Rear seat back)
  • S209 Sti made pillow ball bush · rear suspension link (before and after the lateral link)
  • STI S209 made support front
  • Forged piston
  • Forged connecting rod
  • Reinforced valve spring
  • Reinforced clutch
  • Large capacity injector & fuel pump
  • Dedicated low pressure loss intake duct
  • Large air cleaner & exclusive air cleaner box
  • Large diameter intake pipe
  • Low pressure drop duct boots
  • Large diameter turbocharger
  • Low backpressure performance muffler (with STI logo)
  • Dedicated ECU
  • Performance shroud
  • Intercooler water spray (with paddle switch)
  • Motor made 5W-40 engine oil
  • Engine solenoid bracket (with serial number)
  • VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control)
  • Active torque vectoring
  • STI made short stroke gear shift lever

Subaru STI S209 Dashboard

Subaru STI S209 Interior
Subaru STI S209 Interior
  • Luminescent meter (with a multi-information display, with STI logo)
  • Multifunction display (with STI logo welcome screen display)
  • Instrument center visor (leather-like material winding + silver stitch)
  • Ultra suede rolled steering wheel (STI logo with ornament, silver stitch)
  • STI made push engine switch (STI logo included, red type)
  • STI binding leather winding MT shift knob (STI logo included, black) and shift boots (silver stitch)

Subaru STI S209 Audio System

  • 6 speakers (front 4 points + rear 2 points)
  • Starlink 7.0-inch multimedia audio
  • Black colored roof antenna (Shark fin type)

Subaru Sti s209  Interior

Subaru STI S209 Interior
Subaru STI S209 Interior
  • Recaro front seat (silver stitch + silver accents, STI logo + S209 logo, SRS side airbag, with seat heater)
  • Silver stitch + Rear seat with silver accents
  • Instrument panel decorative panel (red, S209 logo included)
  • Side sill plate (S209 with logo)
  • Door armrest (Silver stitch)
  • Center console decoration panel (silver stitch)
  • Serial number plate (console)
  • Sub trunk (with tire puncture repair kit)

Subaru STI S209 Exterior

Subaru STI S209 Exterior
Subaru STI S209 Exterior
  • Mesh type front grill (cherry red stripe, with S209 ornament)
  • Front under spoiler
  • Side under spoiler
  • Rear side under spoiler
  • Bumper side bezel (with steel mesh & chrome plating decoration)
  • Bumper side canard
  • Wide fender (front + rear)
  • A front fender air outlet
  • Side garnish with S209 logo
  • Rear bumper (cherry red stripe, with air outlet grill)
  • S209 Rear ornament
  • Dry carbon roof
  • Black colored door mirror
  • Dry carbon rear spoiler (with S209 logo)

Main Subaru STI S209 specs

Dimensions/Weight Overall length/width/height 181.9 × 72.4 × 58.1in.
Tire tread F/R 60.8in. / 61.2in.
Road clearance 4.9in.
Curb weight 3485 lb.
Engine Type EJ25 horizontally opposed four-cylinder
Max. output (net) 341 hp
Fuel tank capacity 15.9 gal
Fuel type Unleaded premium gasoline



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